Polaris Celestial Sight Form


You will like Polaris.  It is easy to find and gives you a line of Latitude as your reward for some sight reduction.


Polaris Celestial Sight Form. Astro Navigation Sight Reduction Form.

The Pole star (Polaris) is easy to find, the sight is easy to work out and the satisfying result is a very useful line of latitude. Easy.

Although often considered a black art, Celestial Navigation, also known as Astro Navigation, is actually pretty straightforward.  Using a sextant is simply a matter of a bit of practice. The Sight Reduction part is all about locating information and noting it somewhere sensible, which is where this helpful series of Sight Reduction Forms comes in. All you need to do then is some simple addition or subtraction.

Matt Encapsulated A4 Sight form. One side has a completed example plus notes explaining where the information is obtained from.  It then also shows how this information is used. The format provides a great memory jogger for those who have used Celestial Navigation in the past are now a little rusty.

The Polaris Celestial Sight Form is designed for use with the Nautical Almanac.
This Sight Reduction form may be written on with a soft 2B pencil.

The colour of the card may differ from the image.

This item is also available to be purchased as part of the Complete Set of Eight Celestial Sight Reduction Forms.

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Dimensions 31 × 22 × 0.3 cm


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