Cockpit Cards – Complete Set

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The Complete Set of Cockpit Cards at a saving of over 10%.

Consisting of all of the currently available Cockpit Cards. They were ‘Recommended for all cruising boats’ by Sailing Today Magazine.


This is the Complete Set of all of the currently available Cockpit Cards at a saving of over 10%!
Consisting of:

Navigation Lights and Shapes. (Set of 4).
Chart Symbols & Abbreviations. (Set of 4).
Rule of the Road.
Buoyage / Distress Signals.
Mayday Procedure.
International Code Flags.
Essential Knots. (Set of 2).
Sound Signals.

This set will help you with your COLREGS (collision regulations), your IALA Buoyage systems, your emergency Mayday procedure and much more.

High quality litho printing using ‘light fast ink’ enclosed within a heavy duty encapsulation. Essential quick reference navigational data. Ideal for use on- board in the harshest of conditions.

For a detailed description of each item go to each individual product.

The yachting magazine Sailing Today published a favourable review of Cockpit Cards and ended with the comment ‘Recommended for all Cruising Boats’.

Tough enough for the Royal Marines.  We knew our Cockpit Cards were robust and were pleased that the Royal Marines agree and have them on their Landing Craft.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 2 cm


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