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For over 10 years Cockpit Cards have been popular on vessels of all sizes and amongst mariner’s both professional and amateur. In these days of electronic gizmo’s they remain a reliable companion. They are rugged, they don’t mind getting wet, they are easy to read, concise and clear. Also the batteries won’t run out.
Cockpit Cards are being recommended, and indeed sold, by a number of RYA Sailing Schools and training organisations. The BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) and the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) sell our cards to their members. They are ideal for people learning or refreshing their knowledge of the Rules of the Road (COLREGS) and invaluable for quick reference while sailing and navigating.
The current range include the following:
Navigation Lights and Shapes, Chart Symbols and Abbreviations, Sound Signals, International Code Flags, Buoyage and Distress Signals, VHF DSC Mayday Procedure, Essential Knots and Rules of the Road.
Chart Symbols and Abbreviations, eight sides (4 cards), and presented in the same high quality format as the others in the range. Based on Admiralty publication NP5011 this set provides quick reference to the most important Chart Symbols and Abbreviations including those hard to remember Rocks & Wrecks.
Cockpit Cards also make the ideal nautical gift being easy to post and very robust.
We would be pleased to hear your suggestions if you can think of a subject that would benefit from the Cockpit Card treatment.
Not included in the Cockpit Card range but produced to the same high standards is our popular Secondary Port Calculation form, this has a matt encapsulation so it can be written on using a 2B pencil. To buy click here, or visit our instructional page on Secondary Port calculations here.
Our Celestial Pro-formas are also used by a number of RYA Sailing Schools when running RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Courses.
Why not have a look at our instructional pages which has lots of information on Secondary Port Calculations, Tidal Stream information, how to allow for Compass Variation and Deviation, how to read Tide Tables and more.
The Chart Puzzle Jigsaw range remain a popular product and are always a welcome nautical present. As you may imagine we sell lots of these at Christmas time.About me and my site.